Biloxi, The adventure begins!

I have been terrible terrible terrible at blogging. I am not really sure why since I have SO much time on my hands right now. So as many of you knowI moved to be with my sweetheart in Biloxi, Mississippi in the beginning of August..I would like to update everyone on all our adventures thus far, if you would call them adventures heehee! I got here knowing that I would have to wait a few weeks for Sam to move in..well it's been a couple months and I am still living alone. Which is fine, better than I thought...the movies make coming home to an empty apartment way scarier than it actually is. Sam does stay over the weekends and to me it is's like getting to have A sleepover with my best friend every weekend! Woo!Woo! This town that we live in...well their is nothing here...just the base, that is basically it. There are towns that are between 15-30 Min. away that are alright. We spend a lot of time netflixing and all that's one of our favorite things to do since it has been SO hot to do anything outside for more than 30 minutes. It has finally started to cool off, if you call 65 degrees at night and 80n during the day cool! I am enjoying it, it makes it possible for me to read outside at the marina on base and not die of heat.
Sam is really enjoying his classes and has maintained about a 98% GPA, which is very good, and I am very proud of him! He doesn't care for dorm life but we are working on that..this week we will once again attempt to get our long awaited signature from the 338th squadron flight chief. This signature and a room checkoff will make it possible for Sam to FINALLY be able to move in. YAY!! Wish us luck! We have had the opportunity to attend the Biloxi ward down here and it is is about 20 minutes away which is really hard to get used to when you are from Utah. The people are all military which is cool to have people to relate to. We were able to participate in General Conference this weekend Via internet which was also a little different..turning the tv to channel 5 and realizing conference wasn't on was definitely crazy! We have met a few neighbors that are really nice, and have some "little friends" who knock to play every weekend. These little friends are 6 and 7 year olds. They are so cute but we are reluctant to let them play with our PS3 after letting them in and not being able to get them to leave. Plus, we don't know the parents of these kids and I don't think it's a good idea to have them in our apartment..we often hide when they knock just to avoid seeing their sad faces when we tell them we are busy.
 I have looked into getting a job to occupy my time, but no luck yet. If anyone has good ideas to keep me busy during the day I would love to hear them! This post is really all over the place I just realized, but I assume most of you can follow...but I do apologize! Sam and I have visited the beach a few times which has There are these funny little birds that run all funny like and we enjoy watching them..the water is super gross and after the hurricane we decided to never get in the water again. But the beach environment is fun when we want to soak up the sun!
Sam has been pretty good about introducing me to people that he knows and we have spent a little time with his friends he has met here. It's really interesting and fun meeting people from all over the United States. Even though Sams' closest friend here is from Utah we still have fun.
For the most part things are going really well. We had a few car problems at first due to the humid weather the battery cables corroded and had to be replaced, but I think we are all good now. Also, somehow I contracted Ringworm and it's really super nasty. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. It keeps me up at night and the medication I have for it says it takes about a month to go away! GRR! If anyone knows any other remedies PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE  let me know! I am very close to going to the mean military Doctor to get anti-biotics..but I would really prefer not to since she and I are not really best friends.
I hope this update was good enough for everyone! I miss all my friends and family lots, but am So grateful for the technology we have to communicate with!
 Ice cream time!

 Mouse duty

 Finding beignet mix, just add water!

 Mmmm, cream soda

 After hurricane snow...wait I mean sand! lol!

 Before going outside....
 ....after going outside!
 Learning how to french braid my own hair! 
 Air Force Birthday Party
 Haircut time! 
Lifesaver Mints, my most recent addiction!!! Look how giant that bag is!!



  1. I'm so glad that you're getting settled even if you don't have your roommate just yet...hopefully really soon. You got to Mississippi just in time for a huricane and ringworm. Ugh. But what an amazing advenure.


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