Just Do It!

Considering I am home ALL THE TIME, I sure am bad at keeping up on blogging. Time has sure flown since we have been here in Mississippi, and it's hard to believe but it's only 18  days until Sam graduates and we make our way back home to Utah. YAY! We are so excited, but we have found some new I guess you could say entertainment..for Christmas we decided to get an X-box with money we got from family members..I am not a gamer at all, but I agreed to get the console for one purpose and one purpose only. Since our X-box came with a kinnect, we wanted a Nike video game. We have the nike fuel bands which have helped us become more active since we got them, but the video game helps you earn "fuel" on the fuel band and it also burns about 200 times each workout you do. The workouts are about 30 minutes. We have been doing this workout for about 2 1/2 weeks and it is intense.  Getting into a harder workout has been really hard for me..I realized almost instantly that I am very out of shape and that I wish I was a little more fit. Sam and I have each made goals that we would like to fulfill as far as our weight and fitness and we hope to do it by this summer. We both want to lose about 15lbs.(more or less) and I am fully confident that we can do it! We have also started stocking up on veggies and chicken, and tossing out the sugar and fat. It's been really hard, because as a woman, I need my chocolate! Sam is doing really well with the diet and the workout, and I continue to struggle..I just keep going and going..which is the best I can do. I really hope this workout and diet will work for us, and can't wait to see how it plays out. I think that during this whole thing I have been learning that not everything comes easy to us..we have to be willing to work and sacrifice for what we want. I know that we will feel better if we continue to do this, and that my confidence will also continue to get better and better. If anyone needs a good workout I highly recommend this one! We need to remember to Just Do It! :)


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