Deployments, and other fun stuff.....

As this first overseas deployment comes to a close(or a near close), I have been thinking about what I have learned, and I'd like to share. When we found out about deployment, I clung to the present, hoping that if I clung on hard enough, leave day would never come; well, let's get doesn't work that day. As deployment came closer, I was really doubting myself and my ability to handle the house, car, dogs, and life in general by myself. Struggling with anxiety my entire life, and even worse the past few years, I was quite terrified that this was going to be the worst thing that would ever happen to me. I knew that we'd be apart for an anniversary, a milestone birthday for Sam, and 189 other days that we would not be together. I have learned a lot about what it is like to live alone and to manage without a partner for a longer period of time...the first and most important thing is; It's not that bad! I don't mean to say that I love being alone, I just mean to say that it isn't as terrible as I thought it was going to be. I have missed Sam every single day, and often when I am sitting in bed at night reading, I really wish he were there with me to watch our favorite shows, and laugh together...but it's temporary, and remembering that is how you make it through. The things I have learned over the past 6 months are as follows...

1. EVERYTHING will break once your hubby is gone, so you better learn how to fix it, or call someone who can.

2. Talking to yourself(or to your two pups who really are listening) is totally fine.

3. Take advantage of niece/nephew sleepovers and/or babysitting: you're alone, you might as well borrow some little people to give big people that you love a break.

4. READ every second you can! I have read about 61 books since Sam has been gone.

5. If you want scones for dinner, make them. No one is here to tell you not to. :)

6. Sleep in the middle of the bed, or wherever you want, you may never get a chance to spread out again.

7. Make changes to the house just for fun. I have changed SO much in this house that it is like brand new!

8. Live on the edge sometimes by watching something scary and laying awake all night since you're alone..

9. Pugs make great "stand in" husbands: they listen, they snuggle, and they will pretty much do anything you want to do.

10.Find fun new things to do with your hubby when he arrives home.

11. Spend a ton of time with the family you do have nearby, it will make the time go much faster.

I have definitely had ups and downs since Sam has been gone, but I really think it has been a great learning experience, and if I ever had to live alone again, I am confident that I can handle it.

On a side note, watching Sam's terrible mustache grow since he has been gone has been a great past time, so I've included some amazing FaceTime screen shots! :)

The day Sam left...


That time my grandma bought me a huge mustache, and I put it on to tease Sam.

I love men in uniform.

That time Sam wore orange and looked like he was in prison...

That mustache!!!

This one time, because the internet connection is always..well, never awesome, it froze on me yawning...I had to retaliate by snapping this photo of Sam froze on this funny face. :)


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